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Calling All Angels to build gardens this weekend! Events on Saturday in Henderson, and Sunday at New Vista Ranch in the far northwest! Please join us, and bring your friends!

 Henderson: On Saturday morning, 15 October, from 9 am- Noon, please join us at the Garden Club Henderson Garden from 9 am – Noon to help us organize a new shipment of donated materials with which to build more raised beds for this garden program. Please bring protection from the elements: Long pants, closed toed shoes, sun hat, sun glasses, sunscreen, handkerchief, water bottle, and gloves. We will be arranging the pallets and other donated materials into organized places, and working on the existing raised beds. Many hands make light work for all, and we need many hands to accomplish this task! This day’s work is simple, and much more than one or two people can do alone. Together, though, it will be quick and easy. Please join us! RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=247435208641734&context=create                       for address and directions. 

Northwest Valley: New Vista Ranch~~ On Sunday, 16 October, from 9 am – 3 pm, in two hour shifts. Please join us for a shift of work in completing the expansion of the New Vista Garden of Project AngelFaces. 

Beginning shift is from 9 am- 11 am, during which time we will address the compost and the preparation of materials and stations for the following two shifts.

Second shift is from 11 am- 1 pm, during which time we will address the installation of the remainder of the irrigation lines, and prepare the holes for the planting of several donated trees.

Third shift will be from 1pm-3 pm, welcoming to the Host of Angels a new group of friends from Temple Beth Sholom. Third shift will move garden boxes into their appropriate places, level out the soil in the garden area, fill in the remaining trenches to be level, prepare/move the available soil into the appropriate boxes, plant trees, transplant succulents, and lay mulch down. RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=172517589500817&context=create

We welcome your participation, and need many hands to make this light work for all! Shifts are only two hours, and you will be amazed at how much we can accomplish working together in sizable numbers. Please join us in supporting this Community Support Garden of New Vista Ranch. Your work here improves quality of life for all of us, especially the members of New Vista Community.  (www.NewVistaNV.org)

The magic of a garden is immeasurable. Please join us to experience some of this magic for yourselves. Please RSVP here, and contact Rhonda K. at rhondak@projectangelfaces.org with any questions. Wish list for this project, and this event, available upon request.

Thank you for your willingness to Get Involved with Project AngelFaces! We Cultivate Hope for the Future!

Light and Gratitude–Rhonda K.  702.460.9261

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Hello Angels! I hope you can come join us in the New Vista Garden of Project AngelFaces this Saturday, 5 March from 9 am – 1 pm. Located at 7875 N. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89131. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes to protect yourselves from the elements: long pants, long sleeves, hat, sunglasses, gloves, water bottle, handkerchief, and sunscreen. Children over 10 are welcome if they can join us in the working fun.

We will be working on getting the garden into shape, preparing the beds, working on the irrigation lines, and planting seeds in a couple of beds. If enough of your bright and shining faces can come join us, we may be able to work on some of the larger tasks, like removing grass, leveling some ground, and creating repurposed containers from some materials. We would also like a crew to be able to turn and sift the compost *(its not stinky at all, it’s cooking nicely without any gnarly smells), to extract the yummy ready compost for application to the garden. I even have a tree or two we could plant, if we have the right team…

Many hands make lighter work, and I sure hope that many of you can come out and join us this Saturday morning and early afternoon to build this garden program for New Vista Community! Limited carpool is available, and we love to give you a ride if you need one, so let me know! Contact me with any questions 702.460.9261. I will see YOU this Saturday!

Light and Gratitude~~ Rhonda Killough


Founder, Director Project AngelFaces



Get Involved! Become a part of a Solution, and Cultivate Hope for the Future.

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Dear Angels, this is a heartfelt Thank You to Angela Antonio and her Mother! These ladies came out this past Saturday, and joined myself, the tireless Anne Lynne (my most dedicated supporter of late, lucky us!), and Rick Barrett, (my personal saviour) in our work toward improving the Garden of Project AngelFaces at New Vista Ranch. This is also a very special THANK YOU!!! to Kevin Tuttle, who donated the use of his equipment and skills to help us move the compost bin system (and the compost!) for this garden. Kevin gets special thanks for coming out and helping us on his birthday!!! I was very moved, and am still very grateful to Kevin, and everyone, who came out and worked so hard with me on Saturday. We did work really, really hard, but we got so very much accomplished! Thank you so much!

There is, as always, more to do in the garden, though, so please, mark your calendars for the next event in the New Vista Garden! On Saturday, November 20th, from 9 am to 1 pm, we’ll be hard at work again, and we need you to join us! We have a lot of fun while we’re working this hard, and many hands make light work for all, so come and join us in our working fun!

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Calling All Angels! Come and Join us in the New Vista Garden this Saturday, September 25th, from 9 am – 1 pm! We will be working towards completing the transformation we began earlier this year: we will be moving dirt, moving boxes, moving benches, making repurposed raised containers, laying irrigation, removing grass, and completing the irrigation tasks to bring the irrigation system on line. We will be working hard, but we will also be having loads of fun!

This event is also a fundraiser for us, so please bring anything you can spare to support us toward the repairs and purchase of our very own, very hard-working truck! (see ‘Bessie’s picture below)

This invitation extends a special invitation to our friends at Nellis Air Force Base to join us in the fun! We extend a heartfelt thank you to each person in the squadron for your service to our country, and we hope to have the chance to spend some time with you getting to know you better while building this garden! Please come join us in our fun work!

We need the following items to materialize at this event, if any of you have access to them, please bring them with you. Call or email me with any questions or information, please, and thank you!!

~weed wacker; saws-all; power tools (drills etc.); sod cutter; pick axe; wheel barrows;

Thank you for Coming, and Please remember to bring your protection from the elements: Closed toed shoes, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, working gloves* (if you don’t have gloves, I have some to lend you). Thank you for supporting the work of Project AngelFaces!!! See you Saturday!

New Vista Ranch is located in the far northwest of the valley, near the 215 and the 95. The address is 7876 N. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89131

It is on the SE corner of Rainbow and Grand Teton, if you are familiar with the area.

This is the truck we’ve adopted, she’s a hard working lady named Bessie. She really needs a new set of tires, as you can see, her current set is bald!! Donations can be brought to this event, or mailed to me personally. If you would like to donate to Bessie’s needed updates, please email or call me, and I’ll give you the address to send your donations!!! We appreciate your support!

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