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Calling All Angels to the New Vista Garden Saturday, March 19th, from 9 am to 2 pm. Located at 7875 N. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89131.

On this Saturday, we will work on planting seedlings into the first four beds, remove grass, and continue the transformation and installation of the upgraded garden plans. We will also work to install more irrigation lines. With the right team (those of you with carpenter skills and Tools– jig saws, and other power tools and the skills to use them), we can also start to create new containers for the meditation spaces from the repurposed materials we have on hand. Repurpose-building is a great creative outlet for those who like to build things!!

Water and Snacks provided, children over 10 are welcome; if under 10, please bring a friend to help look after little ones while we work so everyone can stay SAFE!

Please tell all your friends, because many hands make light work. Limited carpool is available; call me at 702.460.9261 to arrange a ride for you/your crew *(up to 5 folks, not including meself). We love to carpool, to increase our crew size, and to save resources!

We plan to work hard and have fun! Building gardens is a great team-building effort, a challenging and rewarding act of volunteerism.

Get Involved with Project AngelFaces. Together, we Cultivate Hope for the Future!(TM)

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Calling all Angels to Henderson this Saturday morning to the New Garden Club Garden for a gate building party! Join us at 1110 E. Warm Springs Rd. Henderson, NV 89015 this Saturday, 12 March, from 9 am-1 pm to help us build a gate entry to the compost bins, and to work on the seedling nursery.

Please bring your power tools, wrenches, gloves, and protective clothing, and all your friends to help us build this garden! We will be working hard, but having lots of fun, and we are building a very exciting new program to serve our elders and youth in Clark County. Many hands make light work for us all, so let’s all join the fun!

Water and snacks will be provided, and children over 10 are welcome, as we will be working with tools and want to keep everyone safe, Safe, SAFE! If you can come with your little ones, only, please bring along a friend to look after them while we work. There is a safe location indoors with toys for the little ones to play in, but they will need an appropriate chaperone while playing in that building.

Please post this invitation to all appropriate networks, so we can have more folks join us in this Great Work!

I look forward to seeing you Saturday, March 12 from 9 am to 1 pm at Garden Club Garden Henderson, 1110 E. Warm Springs Rd. Henderson, NV 89015. Limited carpool available, feel free to call me at 702.460.9261!

~ Light and Gratitude– Rhonda K.

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Hello Angels! Come to Garden Club for a very special meeting, with the one and only Billy Woods! World renowned percussionist, Taoist Abbot, and World Peace Champion Billy Woods will open the first half of Garden Club with some sweet adventure surprise, and then we’ll plant seeds for the children’s new Garden! This is a special event not to be missed, so bring the kids, tell all your friends, and I look forward to seeing you there!

March 10th, 4-5 pm at Whitney Recreation Center, 5712 E. Missouri Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89122. 702.455.7576 for directions.

See you tomorrow at Garden Club everyone! Please share this invitation with all appropriate groups and networks, and enjoy your day!

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Contest: “Nevada’s Wellness Best of 2011 Awards”

Are you a small business or practitioner and your clients want to rave about your services? Make sure they enter you to win! (Please will you nominate Project AngelFaces?)

Contest Winners will be featured in our upcoming April 2011 magazine.

Contest: A minimum of 10 votes is needed to qualify for “Best of 2011” Deadline: April 1st 2011

The winners will be announced in the next magazine.  April-October 15th 2011 issue. Email: nevadawellnessmagazine@yahoo.com

Facebook: Nevada Wellness Magazine

mail to: Nevada Wellness Journal/Inspiration1750 North Buffalo Drive #101-424 Las Vegas NV 89128

Please include photos if available and they might be featured in the next magazine!  We would love to hear your stories about how these amazing community practitioners, products, services and stores have made a impact in your life to stay healthy. If you would like to include a new category that is not listed  please let us know.


Non-Profit Organization

Starting with the Contest:

“Nevada’s Wellness Best of 2011 Awards”

We need your support! Help us celebrate the healthy

products and services that you personally stand


behind and give your thumbs up!

Contact: Lori Chaffin  deadline April 1st

nevadawellnessmagazine@yahoo.com 702 635-6674

Thank you for your votes, your stories, and your support, Angels! I have photos available for anyone who would like to include some for your votes! Please share this with all your friends! Thanks so much!

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Hello Angels! I hope you can come join us in the New Vista Garden of Project AngelFaces this Saturday, 5 March from 9 am – 1 pm. Located at 7875 N. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89131. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes to protect yourselves from the elements: long pants, long sleeves, hat, sunglasses, gloves, water bottle, handkerchief, and sunscreen. Children over 10 are welcome if they can join us in the working fun.

We will be working on getting the garden into shape, preparing the beds, working on the irrigation lines, and planting seeds in a couple of beds. If enough of your bright and shining faces can come join us, we may be able to work on some of the larger tasks, like removing grass, leveling some ground, and creating repurposed containers from some materials. We would also like a crew to be able to turn and sift the compost *(its not stinky at all, it’s cooking nicely without any gnarly smells), to extract the yummy ready compost for application to the garden. I even have a tree or two we could plant, if we have the right team…

Many hands make lighter work, and I sure hope that many of you can come out and join us this Saturday morning and early afternoon to build this garden program for New Vista Community! Limited carpool is available, and we love to give you a ride if you need one, so let me know! Contact me with any questions 702.460.9261. I will see YOU this Saturday!

Light and Gratitude~~ Rhonda Killough


Founder, Director Project AngelFaces



Get Involved! Become a part of a Solution, and Cultivate Hope for the Future.

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