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All are welcome to join us with your friends at 8250 S. Giles St. Las Vegas Nv to shovel free dirt into 15 gallon buckets and load them onto the rental truck– with a mechanical lift gate, so it’s easy to load. We begin at dawn~! Please come, bring all your friends, we really need the help. This is the soil that will be part of what fills the new beds we are installing. It’s super important dirt! Call Rhonda with any questions: 702.460.9261.

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Angels Needed!!!

Hello Angels! Please if you could ask all your friends, I need to gather a force to pick up some free dirt today!

The soil that was going to be so generously donated has a contaminant called Bio Solids. It’s composted city sewer sludge. It does not meet with organic standards, and would ruin our chances for organic certification. Not to worry, we’ve found some free dirt in town, and a lot of it. I have also been offered support to purchase some pure organic compost from a source I trust. So we will make our goal! Thank you and keep up the vision with me, please!

What I need from you is to gather a force of folks who can come and help us pick up this free dirt we’ve found– THANK YOU Susan Haas and Kristin Avelar! The property where we are picking up this dirt is located on Giles and Blue Diamond Road. From the 15,exit Blue Diamond and GO EAST. Pass Las Vegas Blvd , turn RIGHT onto Giles. The property is the first house on the left. We have permission to be there gathering the soils. I am going to be delivering a mess of materials until this afternoon, but I am going to leave a wheelbarrow, some black buckets, and some shovels there. Please use the tools to put the dirt in the buckets for transport. I have a HUGE truck with a mechanical lift gate until 8 am tomorrow morning. Please ask everyone you can to come be a part of a team of shovelers any time they are able to come between now and 8 am tomorrow morning. We can even work early in the morning for a few hours, if we can get some folks together. Thank you so much for your support!! Call me with any questions as I am in the field. 702.460.9261

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Hello Angels! I hope this message finds you well, healthy, and happy this sweet spring day!

I invite you all to please join us on April 17th at New Vista Ranch to expand their garden. We will have 100 youths from the Las Vegas Kiwanis clubs on site to help us make the transition happen. I need team leaders to help me put these youths to work transforming the garden! We are giving the garden a complete makeover, upgrading the irrigation system, getting new fences and gates, moving and rearranging ALL  the boxes, adding 7 new boxes, moving the compost system to another area on property, building a new compost container set, taking out a couple of trees, moving all the grass and weeds from the garden area, and readying the space to install meditation areas, trees, and green screens in the fall. There is much work to be done, and we will have the manpower to do the work. What I need from you, my Host of Angels, is your experienced leadership to help me lead these teams of youngsters in their tasks to make our garden program new and improved!!!

Please come to New Vista on Saturday, 17 April, no later than 7:30 am to be briefed and instructed. Please bring your hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, closed toed shoes, shovels, pickaxes, water bottle, handkerchief, and your leadership skills and positivity! We are going to have a whole ton of fun, and we will make this transformation happen very quickly with the many hands we will have to make our work light. We need your experience with Project AngelFaces events to lead these young Kiwanis! Come out and help us grow this dream to fruition, and create employment opportunities in the New Vista Organic Garden of Project AngelFaces for the folks in New Vista Community!!

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have! Please RSVP to rhondak@projectangelfaces.org to let me know that you will be there!!! It is going to be an amazing day!

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